Urban Peacock

Urban Peacock

Channel the Upper East Side of NYC and high society with an ultra sophisticated dinner party setting. The beautiful colors of a peacock feather provide for excellent inspiration and can be taken in many different directions. Highlighting a classic dinnerware pattern with beautifully hued stemware creates an atmosphere to remember.


Mikasa Spun Charcoal


Mikasa Cherry Blossom Cobalt and Clear, French Countryside Amethyst


Wallace Peacock

Other themes

  • The Modern Valentine
  • Romantic Wedding
  • New Romantic
  • Peacock Dinner Party
  • A Chic Cocktail Party
  • Natural Wonder
  • Cheers to Family & Friends
  • Festive Christmas Dinner
  • Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner
  • City Lights
  • Elegant Baby Shower
  • Butterfly Brunch